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Battleship... In School | March 04, 2006

The SpaceApe has been absent from updates for sometime now, but this isn't going to be an update about how there isn't updates anymore.  This is going to be an update to end all updates.  Actually it is going to be an update to begin all updates, so yeah... and update.  When was the last time you played battleship?  Does anyone play battleship anymore?  I say we bring battleship into the school teach children how to sink ships.  Oh yeah sink ships, so when the commies come with there boats (boats not ships) we can just say D5 and sink them!

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Losing A Best FriendÖ A Brother... | May 28, 2005

There is not much of this that I can put into words; Sean Branch was a great guy. As long as I have known him I have never known him to fail at anything he has ever done, never done anything he didnít think he could complete. He was an excellent student 4.0 at Montana State University, he was the one guy I could talk to anything about and he would know just what I was talking about, and in the rare occasion that he didnít, it took him no more then one time to explain it to him and he had it down. All that change on the 25th of May, we were out having fun just like any other day. Down by the Kootenai River in Montana just past the falls, Sean knew he could make it across and he never stopped trying. It is a sad thing, one minute we are all having the times of our lives, and within no less then a minute everything has changed. You canít help but thinking he is going to just walk in with that same old stupid smile on his face and that goofy laugh. That has all passed though, in a split second you have a life changing moment and suddenly you look at everything differently. Sean Branch wasnít cheated; he lived life the way he wanted to, had more fun then anyone I know. So many things left unsaid, so many things left undone. Sean, I know you are in heaven reading this and you will be missed dude. Youíre best friend and brother forever George Smith.

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Farva In Bakersfield? | April 24, 2005

I was looking around the internet and i think i have found the infamous Farva here in Bakersfield, take a look and check for yourself.


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Fire Prone Fords Partial List! | Feb. 08, 2005

Well I was bored so i decided to compile a partial list of fire prone Fords, it took me about 5min to find this information.  As you can see many Fords in this list have problems with the ignition switch, this problem dates back to the mid-60's where the affected cars can just start themselves as well.

792,000 vehicles Faulty speed control switches cause fire.
26,700 í94 Ford Aspire wear of fuel hose cause fire
76,2201 í91-í97 Ford Aerostar ignition switch overheat cause fire
360,0000 í85-í87 Ford Aerostar fuel line coupling may not be engaged causing fire
60,000 í85-í88 Ford Aerostar wire gauge to small cause short which can cause fire
91,000 í86 Ford Aerostar fuel filler neck bad seal leaking fuel can cause fire
10,951 í91 Ford Aerostar structural failure causes tranny to leak fluid causing fire
75,000 í92-í98 Ford Aerostar tranny can leak fluid which could cause fire

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Another Year, Gone Forever! | Jan. 18, 2005

      Another year has passed; lots of things have changed from one year ago. Some people have left us, we have gained others. Money has come and went; we have learned things we could have only learnt by experiencing them. With these experience we learn things about our self, things we can only learn threw living, sometimes when people tell you something it doesnít take effect. Why must we as humans all make the same mistakes? Why canít we learn from each others experiences?
      Have you ever wondered what you are meant to do in this world? Maybe you are meant to just live and die, and then itís over. How many people live from day to day in a job they hate while wishing they had something more? I understand that some people do it for there family, but what about for them. I shall never understand why people care what others think of what they do, of who they are. It doesnít matter, itís youíre life, live it for you and no one else.
       I have learned lots of things this year, most importantly that I donít want to go day to day doing something I hate, that I donít want to be just another guy, just another face in the crowd. I learned that I want to do something great with my life, but at the moment I am unsure what that is. Whatís the most important thing that I learned this year? That I am not sure of, I l have learnt what itís like to hurt, what it is like to care for someone else more then yourself, but maybe it was what I learned of life that is most important, that you have to look around once in a while and notice what is going on, because life, it doesnít stop for anybody.

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